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Awesome Elf OutfitAwesome Elf OutfitRRP: £7.99Our price: From £6.79You save: £1.20 (15%)ViewAwesome Elf Outfit for dogs. Dress up your dog in this adorable elf outfit for some festive fun and extra warmth over this festive period.Bird Festive ToyBird Festive ToyRRP: £4.99Our price: £3.99You save: £1.00 (20%)ViewStars and jingle bells wooden toy ideal for birds who like to play.  Cat Mouse ToyCat Mouse ToyRRP: £1.50Our price: £0.99You save: £0.51 (34%)ViewCatnip filled mouse for Christmas fun! 
Cat's Christmas MiceCat's Christmas MiceRRP: £3.29Our price: £1.99You save: £1.30 (40%)ViewCat's Christmas PuddingCat's Christmas PuddingRRP: £1.79Our price: £0.99You save: £0.80 (45%)ViewCat's Merry MiceCat's Merry MiceRRP: £1.99Our price: £1.50You save: £0.49 (25%)View
Catnip Penquin toyCatnip Penquin toyRRP: £1.50Our price: £0.99You save: £0.51 (34%)ViewFun catnip filled penguin for hours of fun.  Catnip Shaking ReindeerCatnip Shaking ReindeerRRP: £3.49Our price: £2.99You save: £0.50 (14%)ViewA great present for a cat!Check CoatsCheck CoatsOur price: From £13.59ViewCheck Coat in Red or BlueStylish winter coat with adjustable neck and waist velcro fastenings. Extra warmth for the cold and chilly days and nights this autumn and winter. Elasticated back leg loops for better fit. Available in:
Christmas Cracker Santa Bottle toyChristmas Cracker Santa Bottle toyRRP: £6.99Our price: £5.49You save: £1.50 (21%)ViewA non squeaky Christmas toy! Heaven! This bottle toy has velcro fastening so you can replace the plastic bottle when needed. Festive Santa will have your dog playing for hours with no relentless high pitched squealing. Happy days for dogs and owners! Festive Fun Sock MonkeyFestive Fun Sock MonkeyRRP: £12.99Our price: £10.99You save: £2.00 (15%)ViewWhat a cheeky monkey!!! These fabulous toys are great for doggies and puppies a like. Available in red or grey. Aprox 18" long. Super soft for cuddles or play.Available in:Festive Fuzzy LuffaFestive Fuzzy LuffaRRP: £4.99Our price: £3.99You save: £1.00 (20%)ViewFuzzy lufa toy - great for dogs to play tug of war or just walk around with.  Available in:
Festive vinyl BallsFestive vinyl BallsRRP: £1.99Our price: £1.59You save: £0.40 (20%)ViewSqueaky balls available in red with white snowflake, green with white snowflake, white snowman or a festive jolly red santa.Available in:Frump a lump robinFrump a lump robinRRP: £5.99Our price: £4.79You save: £1.20 (20%)ViewCute soft ball like soft toy.  Funky Fairisle SweaterFunky Fairisle SweaterRRP: £9.99Our price: From £8.49You save: £1.50 (15%)ViewSotnos' gorgeous knitted "Funky Fairisle" sweater is guaranteed to keep your dog stylishly warm this winter. Perfect for throwing on around the house or under a coat when the weather is just too chilly for your dog. Available in 2 sizes - xsmall (we have labelled as "mini") and small.
Ice Skating BearIce Skating BearRRP: £6.99Our price: £4.99You save: £2.00 (29%)ViewA bear on ice! Cute bear with ice skates, mittens, hat and scarf. Absolutely adorable.Knitted Festive SweaterKnitted Festive SweaterRRP: £14.99Our price: From £11.99You save: £3.00 (20%)ViewBeautiful knitted sweater for dogs of all ages. Available in 12" and 16". Keep them warm in style this winter. Knitted Reindeer SweaterKnitted Reindeer SweaterRRP: £14.99Our price: From £11.99You save: £3.00 (20%)ViewKeep your beloved dog warm this winter in this stylish fetching reindeer sweater. Available in 12" & 16".
Little Zoo Holly CageLittle Zoo Holly CageRRP: £43.99Our price: £29.99You save: £14.00 (32%)View Hamster, Mouse and Gerbil CageBlue or PinkMeasurements46cm x 29cm x 71cm 1cm bar spacingIncluded2 x Exercise wheels1 x water bottle1 x Food bowl1 x Sleeping house3 x Shelves3 x LaddersPlease state which colour you would prefer on your delivery notes.loofa reindeerloofa reindeerRRP: £7.99Our price: £6.99You save: £1.00 (13%)Viewloofa snowmenloofa snowmenRRP: £7.99Our price: £6.99You save: £1.00 (13%)View
MandelieuMandelieuRRP: £63.99Our price: £51.99You save: £12.00 (19%)ViewMandelieuBudgie, Finch & Canary Stand Included39.3cm x 39.3cm x 69cm 1cm spacingnutcrackernutcrackerRRP: £6.99Our price: £5.49You save: £1.50 (21%)ViewBlue and white soft nutcracker toy for dogs.  Otodex Ear DropsOtodex Ear DropsOur price: £4.99ViewOtodex drops are suitable to use in dogs and cats with mild infected, waxy or itchy ears. They help to dissolve wax and soothe the lining of the ear canal. Drops should be massaged gently into affected ear once or twice daily for several days. If condition fails to improve, or if the ear condition is causing any distress, veterinary advice should be sought.
polar bearpolar bearRRP: £7.99Our price: £6.99You save: £1.00 (13%)ViewProRep Beech Chips, Coarse 25 LitresProRep Beech Chips, Coarse 25 LitresRRP: £12.99Our price: £9.99You save: £3.00 (23%)ViewSuitable for many larger species of Snakes and Lizards that need a dry environment, including birds and mammals. 100% natural and kiln dried to remove any harmful organisms this is a safe and sustainable product. ProRep Coco BrickProRep Coco BrickRRP: £1.29Our price: From £0.99You save: £0.30 (23%)ViewProRep Coco Bedding is a 100% natural versatile bedding made from the husk of the coconut. Ideal for species of amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates that require a humid environment. Available in regular 650 g or mini 150 g.
Pull my neck Terry TurkeyPull my neck Terry TurkeyRRP: £7.99Our price: £6.39You save: £1.60 (20%)ViewPull his neck!!! Extending neck makes this toy great for tug of war or just for playing.  Red Glitter CollarRed Glitter CollarRRP: £4.99Our price: £3.49You save: £1.50 (30%)ViewreindeerreindeerOur price: £6.20View
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