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Ancol Ergo Double Sided BrushAncol Ergo Double Sided BrushRRP: £8.00Our price: £5.99You save: £2.01 (25%)ViewSturdy wire pins on one side, and soft dense bristles on the other, both sides are gentle and will not hurt your pet. Suitable for all breeds including a wiry coat. Comfortable handle for your hand.Ancol Ergo Hedgehog SlickerAncol Ergo Hedgehog SlickerRRP: £6.99Our price: £6.29You save: £0.70 (10%)ViewHedgehog Slicker Brushes, with anti-slip handle design are excellent for deep coat grooming. They are designed to combine a combing and brushing action in one tool. The longer bristles remove dirt andgrit and the shorter bristles polish the coat.Ancol Ergo Shedding BladeAncol Ergo Shedding BladeRRP: £6.90Our price: £4.95You save: £1.95 (28%)ViewThe shedding blade has a comfortable handle, and is used like a brush. Used every day it will remove dead and loose hair on both long and short hair dogs meaning your home will not be covered with your pets hair.
Ancol Ergo Single Sided Bristle BrushAncol Ergo Single Sided Bristle BrushRRP: £5.70Our price: £4.99You save: £0.71 (12%)ViewSuper comfortable handle. Distributes natural oils from the bottom of your pets coat to the surface. Removes dead hair leaving a glossy coat.Ancol Grooming GloveAncol Grooming GloveRRP: £6.99Our price: £5.85You save: £1.14 (16%)ViewGrooming Glove is a massager designed for wet or dry use. This glove cleans and massages to promote a healthy skin and coat, grooming thoroughly to encourage circulation and to remove loose hair. The soft rubber glove moulds around the hand and is suitable foreither the left or right hand.Ancol Guillotine ClipperAncol Guillotine ClipperRRP: £5.70Our price: £3.99You save: £1.71 (30%)ViewThe guillotine clippers are safe and easy to use. Full details are on the reverse side of the card, you will soon be an expert on nail trimming.
Ancol Nail clippersAncol Nail clippersRRP: £5.99Our price: From £3.99You save: £2.00 (33%)ViewThese clippers come in a small size for small dogs and other small animals,and large for bigger pets. They have a super grip handle.Available in:Ancol Small Soft Bristle BrushAncol Small Soft Bristle BrushRRP: £5.99Our price: £4.20You save: £1.79 (30%)ViewThe ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip. Brushes are used to smooth over the coat, laying down the hair and distributing the natural oils from the base of the coat to the top surface. Bristle brushes are particularly excellent for removing dried dirt and dust from coats. The nylon bristles will gently penetrate the coat and lift out particles of dirt, whilst distributing the coats natural oils. Sometimes, in the case of medium to long coats, it is a good idea to use a slicker brush to untangle and smoth the hair first. Ancol Wooden Handle Slicker BrushAncol Wooden Handle Slicker BrushRRP: £4.25Our price: From £3.25You save: £1.00 (24%)ViewThis medium sized slicker brush is ideal for longer haired cats and dogs and excellent for untangling matted coats.
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