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Dog WormerDog WormerOur price: From £4.25ViewJohnsons Vet Products present this One Dose Wormer. Johnsons Anti ChewJohnsons Anti ChewOur price: £4.50ViewHelps deter destructive chewing. Deters self-harm. Bitter-tasting and is harmless to pets. 150ml pump sprayJohnsons Bitch SprayJohnsons Bitch SprayOur price: £3.99ViewHelps protect bitches in season by discouraging the unwanted attention of dogs. May be used in conjunction with Bitch & Deodorant tablets. 150ml spray
Johnsons DiagelJohnsons DiagelOur price: From £4.50ViewJohnson's Dia-Gel for dogs is a dual action aid for digestive disorders, and to help restore natural bowel movements. Johnson's Dia-Gel helps with loose bowel movements, and even aid in softening solid stools. Johnsons Diamond EyesJohnsons Diamond EyesOur price: £3.25ViewUnique tear stain remover and facial cleanser. Safely cleans beneath and around the eyes and helps to prevent tear stains. Suitable for dogs, cats and small animals. 250mlJohnsons Diarrhoea TabletsJohnsons Diarrhoea TabletsOur price: £4.15ViewSuitable for dogs and cats over 12 weeks of age. Aids relief of symptoms of mild diarrhoea. 12 tablets
Johnsons GarlicJohnsons GarlicOur price: £3.15ViewNatural herbal conditioner and internal cleanser for dogs and cats. 40 tabletsJohnsons Travel-EzeJohnsons Travel-EzeOur price: £3.50ViewNatural herbal product. Reduces the effect of vehicle motion and so helps cats and dogs to travel. 24 tabletsMikki Ear WipesMikki Ear WipesOur price: £3.50View Helps prevent a build up of wax and minimise ear odour.
Mikki Eye WipesMikki Eye WipesOur price: £3.50ViewRemoves discharge often found around your pet’s eyes. Helps prevent blockage of ducts and potential infection of the eye.Otodex Ear DropsOtodex Ear DropsOur price: £4.99ViewOtodex drops are suitable to use in dogs and cats with mild infected, waxy or itchy ears. They help to dissolve wax and soothe the lining of the ear canal. Drops should be massaged gently into affected ear once or twice daily for several days. If condition fails to improve, or if the ear condition is causing any distress, veterinary advice should be sought.
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