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Adventuros Venison SticksAdventuros Venison SticksOur price: £1.49ViewArden Grange Crunchy Bites LiteArden Grange Crunchy Bites LiteOur price: £2.59ViewCrunchy Bites are tasty treats for adult dogs that are naturally hypoallergenic and free from wheat gluten, dairy products, beef and soya. They contain no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. This means that when you wish to give your dog a treat, you can be sure that Crunchy Bites will give a healthy reward that your best friend deserves. Bakers AllsortsBakers AllsortsOur price: £1.00ViewBakers Allsorts are little shapes bursting with meatiness, they are packed with a variety of flavours (chicken, beef, lamb and rabbit) your dog will find completely... doggylicious!
Bakers Meaty CutsBakers Meaty CutsOur price: £1.69ViewTasty tender meaty treats, Rich in Chicken that we're sure your dog will find irresistible! So Tender that they can be torn into smaller pieces for any special moment between you & your dog.Bakers RewardsBakers RewardsOur price: £1.00ViewBakers Rewards a delicious selection of snacks packed full of meatiness.Bakers SizzlersBakers SizzlersOur price: From £1.50View Irresistible chewy rashers bursting with flavour.
Balls 'o' BeefBalls 'o' BeefOur price: £3.49ViewNearly 70% beef liver, super palatability, low fat, high protein treat Chicken Gravy BonesChicken Gravy BonesOur price: £1.00ViewLoose Bulk bagged in store in £1 bags Coachies Puppy Chicken Training TreatsCoachies Puppy Chicken Training TreatsOur price: £1.19View
DentastixDentastixOur price: £1.00ViewDelicious dog treat specifically designed to help clear tartar build up on dogs teeth by up to 80%Gravy BonesGravy BonesOur price: £1.00ViewLoose Bulk bagged in store in £1 bags Hollings Beef CurlsHollings Beef CurlsOur price: £1.99View
Johnsons Fishy's Fish ChunksJohnsons Fishy's Fish ChunksOur price: £3.59ViewHelps promote a healthy coat & skin. Aids teeth & joint care & are gentle on digestion making them a great treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs.Kong WidgetsKong WidgetsOur price: £3.99ViewWidgets Bones are delicious, protein rich dog treats made with rolled oats and real peanut butter. Widgets Bones make the perfect ANYTIME Treat. MarkiesMarkiesOur price: £1.00ViewLoose Bulk bagged in store in £1 bags aprox weight 300g
Mini MarkiesMini MarkiesOur price: £0.00ViewLoose Bulk bagged in store in £1 bags Motley MixesMotley MixesOur price: £1.29ViewNasher sticksNasher sticksOur price: £1.29View
Nataures Menu LambNataures Menu LambOur price: £2.09View A 95% real meat training treat. Made with tasty Lamb and Chicken. Gluten free. The ultimate meaty dog treat for reward based training.Natures menu Chicken TreatsNatures menu Chicken TreatsOur price: £2.09ViewThe ultimate real meat training treat. Made with 95% real chicken and pork. An irresistible reward treat for dogs. Gluten free.Pet Munchies Venison StripsPet Munchies Venison StripsOur price: £2.99View100% Natural premium gourmet treat, made using only human grade venison meat, delicately roasted to perfection and mixed with liver to create a softer treat. Free from artifical additives and preservatives these treats are full of natural goodness. Low in fat & high in protein. Pet Munchies venison strips do not contain wheat, gluten, or cereals. A complementary treat for dogs. From the moment the packet is open the delicious aromas will set tails wagging and the meaty taste will show your dog just how important he or she is to you.
RodeoRodeoOur price: £1.00View Tangle Twists of scrumptiousness ! ! ! SchmakosSchmakosOur price: £1.00ViewTasty bites of goodness. Tear into smaller prices or feed whole. Either way your dog will love them. Scruffy BitesScruffy BitesOur price: £1.29View
Tangly Twists Chicken & EggTangly Twists Chicken & EggOur price: £1.29ViewWagg Training TreatsWagg Training TreatsOur price: £1.09ViewOur training treats are meaty bone shaped treats with three delicious flavours; chicken beef and lamb. With added yoghurt for healthy teeth and bones.Winalot ShapesWinalot ShapesOur price: £1.00ViewLoose Bulk bagged in store in £1 bags
Wonky ChompWonky ChompOur price: £1.29View
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