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Breeder Celect Paper Pellet Cat LitterBreeder Celect Paper Pellet Cat LitterOur price: From £6.45View * A unique and patented Paper Pellet Cat Litter, pellets remain whole when wet but absorb all urineCat Pan Liner LgCat Pan Liner LgRRP: £3.75Our price: £2.79You save: £0.96 (26%)ViewCats Best Okoplus Clump LitterCats Best Okoplus Clump LitterOur price: From £4.99ViewCats Best OkoPlus organic clumping cat litter, is made from a sustainable source of Spruce and Fir timber.
Catsan Clumping Cat LitterCatsan Clumping Cat LitterOur price: £6.82ViewCATSAN Ultra clumping litter is highly effective as well as economical as it consists only of those finest granules of a natural, high performance clay. They can be easily removed every day so the remaining litter in the box stays pleasantly clean and dry for a long time and does not need to be completely changed so often. That makes CATSAN Ultra clumping litter hygienic and convenient as well.Catsan Hygiene LitterCatsan Hygiene LitterOur price: From £2.99ViewCATSAN Hygiene Litter is made of unique mineral granules consisting of the finest natural quartz sand, purest lime as well as a highly effective mineral formula. Its fine pored surface absorbs moisture extremely fast like a sponge, safely locking it in. The unique natural mineral composition prevents the development of odour three times more effectively than any other conventional cat litter. It is low dust, non-scented and does not contain any artificial additives.Comfey Cat LitterComfey Cat LitterOur price: From £4.15Viewsmall: 7.5Lmedium: 15L
Comfy cat litter 30 litresComfy cat litter 30 litresRRP: £13.79Our price: From £10.00You save: £3.79 (27%)ViewComfy cat litter 30 litres Premium wood based litterHooded Cat litterHooded Cat litterOur price: £16.99View Available in:Worlds Best Cat LitterWorlds Best Cat LitterOur price: From £13.99View100% Natural Cat Litter
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