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Ancol Cat BrushAncol Cat BrushRRP: £6.99Our price: £5.15You save: £1.84 (26%)ViewCheck the handle and ensure a comfortable grip.Brushes are used to smooth over the coat, laying down the hair and distributing the natural oils from the base of the coat to the top surface.Depending onthe type of coat,use a stiffer bristle brush for thicker hair.Ancol Deluxe HudeoutAncol Deluxe HudeoutOur price: £0.00ViewAncol DuetteAncol DuetteOur price: £21.99View
Black Velvet Glitter CollarBlack Velvet Glitter CollarRRP: £3.25Our price: £2.35You save: £0.90 (28%)ViewAncol Velvet Glitter Stripe in Black.Safety buckle cat collars have a special break-away buckle which is specially designed to snap apart if the cat is in any difficulty. Saafety elastic collars are designed to expand enabling the cat to get free if caught. Blue Polkadot CollarBlue Polkadot CollarRRP: £2.85Our price: £2.15You save: £0.70 (25%)ViewBreeder Celect Paper Pellet Cat LitterBreeder Celect Paper Pellet Cat LitterOur price: From £6.45View * A unique and patented Paper Pellet Cat Litter, pellets remain whole when wet but absorb all urine
Cabrio CarrierCabrio CarrierRRP: £36.99Our price: £26.99You save: £10.00 (27%)ViewAvailable in:Cat Diner Plastic BowlCat Diner Plastic BowlRRP: £1.79Our price: £1.39You save: £0.40 (22%)ViewCat Mouse ToyCat Mouse ToyRRP: £1.50Our price: £0.99You save: £0.51 (34%)ViewCatnip filled mouse for Christmas fun! 
Cat Pan Liner LgCat Pan Liner LgRRP: £3.75Our price: £2.79You save: £0.96 (26%)ViewCatit Double Dinner bowlCatit Double Dinner bowlRRP: £10.99Our price: £8.25You save: £2.74 (25%)ViewAvailable in:Catit Fresh&Clear Drinking FountainCatit Fresh&Clear Drinking FountainRRP: £24.99Our price: £18.95You save: £6.04 (24%)View
Catnip Penquin toyCatnip Penquin toyRRP: £1.50Our price: £0.99You save: £0.51 (34%)ViewFun catnip filled penguin for hours of fun.  Cats Best Okoplus Clump LitterCats Best Okoplus Clump LitterOur price: From £4.99ViewCats Best OkoPlus organic clumping cat litter, is made from a sustainable source of Spruce and Fir timber.Catsan Clumping Cat LitterCatsan Clumping Cat LitterOur price: £6.82ViewCATSAN Ultra clumping litter is highly effective as well as economical as it consists only of those finest granules of a natural, high performance clay. They can be easily removed every day so the remaining litter in the box stays pleasantly clean and dry for a long time and does not need to be completely changed so often. That makes CATSAN Ultra clumping litter hygienic and convenient as well.
Catsan Hygiene LitterCatsan Hygiene LitterOur price: From £2.99ViewCATSAN Hygiene Litter is made of unique mineral granules consisting of the finest natural quartz sand, purest lime as well as a highly effective mineral formula. Its fine pored surface absorbs moisture extremely fast like a sponge, safely locking it in. The unique natural mineral composition prevents the development of odour three times more effectively than any other conventional cat litter. It is low dust, non-scented and does not contain any artificial additives.Classic long furry mouseClassic long furry mouseRRP: £2.31Our price: £1.61You save: £0.70 (30%)ViewClassic Catnip filled long mouse in psychedelic colours. Drive your cat nuts with this catnip filled mouse, with its long tail your cat will chase it around for hours of fun. Comfey Cat LitterComfey Cat LitterOur price: From £4.15Viewsmall: 7.5Lmedium: 15L
Comfy cat litter 30 litresComfy cat litter 30 litresRRP: £13.79Our price: From £10.00You save: £3.79 (27%)ViewComfy cat litter 30 litres Premium wood based litterDiamanté CollarDiamanté CollarRRP: £5.19Our price: £3.75You save: £1.44 (28%)ViewDoor hanging toyDoor hanging toyRRP: £15.99Our price: £13.95You save: £2.04 (13%)View
double dinerdouble dinerRRP: £3.99Our price: £1.89You save: £2.10 (53%)ViewDouble diner, ideal for wet or dry food and water. Perfect for cats or small dogs, durable plastic made in Britain. Finesse Cat collarsFinesse Cat collarsOur price: From £0.00ViewAvailable in:Fit 32Fit 32RRP: £4.49Our price: From £3.96You save: £0.53 (12%)ViewNutritional balanced diet
Glitter CollarGlitter CollarOur price: £0.00ViewHem & Boo Cat CaveHem & Boo Cat CaveRRP: £19.99Our price: £14.99You save: £5.00 (25%)ViewBeautifully constructed Cat Cave by Hem & Boo. Machine washable and reversable internal cushion. Fur lined entrance available in brown and black. Suitable for cats OR small dogs.Available in:hooded bedhooded bedOur price: £29.99ViewSupersoft hooded bed for either cats or small dogs. Inside mat cushion is machine washable.Available in:
Hooded Cat litterHooded Cat litterOur price: £16.99View Available in:Indoor 27Indoor 27RRP: £4.49Our price: From £3.96You save: £0.53 (12%)ViewBenefits:Odour reduction, reduces faecal smellKittenKittenRRP: £4.29Our price: From £3.78You save: £0.51 (12%)ViewDigestive health
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