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Reptiles | Substrates

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Komodo CACO3 SandKomodo CACO3 SandRRP: £12.99Our price: £9.99You save: £3.00 (23%)ViewAvailable in:LignocelLignocelRRP: £7.99Our price: £5.25You save: £2.74 (34%)ViewProRep Snake Life is part of the Life series of substrates designed for use for specific animal species or types. Manufactured under the brand name Lignocel specifically to meet the needs of snakes. Snake Life is produced from wood sourced from sustainable forests and has a low dust and resinous oils content. Dried at a high temperature, it is safe for use for many species of snake that do not need high humidity environments.It is highly absorbent and will quickly absorb water spillages or animal waste helping to trap any unwanted odours and making spot cleaning quick and easy.ProRep Beech Chips, Coarse 25 LitresProRep Beech Chips, Coarse 25 LitresRRP: £12.99Our price: £9.99You save: £3.00 (23%)ViewSuitable for many larger species of Snakes and Lizards that need a dry environment, including birds and mammals. 100% natural and kiln dried to remove any harmful organisms this is a safe and sustainable product.
ProRep Coco BrickProRep Coco BrickRRP: £1.29Our price: From £0.99You save: £0.30 (23%)ViewProRep Coco Bedding is a 100% natural versatile bedding made from the husk of the coconut. Ideal for species of amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates that require a humid environment. Available in regular 650 g or mini 150 g. Spider Life 1LSpider Life 1LOur price: £2.99ViewZoomed Forest FloorZoomed Forest FloorRRP: £6.69Our price: £5.61You save: £1.08 (16%)View
Zoomed HydroballsZoomed HydroballsRRP: £9.99Our price: £8.99You save: £1.00 (10%)ViewZoomed ReptiBarkZoomed ReptiBarkRRP: £6.99Our price: From £5.20You save: £1.79 (26%)ViewZoomed ReptiSand ScoperZoomed ReptiSand ScoperRRP: £6.99Our price: £4.99You save: £2.00 (29%)ViewZoomed bring you this quality sand scooper. Made of metal, this is ideal for spot cleaning terrariums sand substrates as well as fine substrates in small animal enclosures or cat litter boxes.
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