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Maxi Junior Active

Maxi Junior Active
Maxi Junior ActiveMaxi Junior Active
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Main benefits

Concentrated energy

A reinforced energy content to help maintain ideal weight and promote the harmonious growth of large breed puppies with high energy needs.

Digestive health

An exclusive combination of nutrients to support optimal digestive security (L.I.P. proteins) and a balanced intestinal flora (prebiotics: FOS, MOS) which also contribute to good stool quality.

Bone and joint support

Contributes to good bone mineralisation in large breed puppies thanks to a balanced intake of energy and minerals (calcium and phosphorus), thus supporting bone consolidation and joints.

Natural defences

Helps support the puppy’s natural defences, thanks particularly to an antioxidant complex and manno-oligo-saccharides.



Daily intake

Recommended daily quantities (g/day):
Water should be available at all times

Adult weight26 kg28 kg30 kg32 kg34 kg35 kg36 kg38 kg40 kg42 kg44 kg
2 months263 g2+5/8 cup255 g2+5/8 cup248 g2+4/8 cup254 g2+5/8 cup260 g2+5/8 cup263 g2+5/8 cup268 g2+6/8 cup279 g2+7/8 cup291 g3 cup305 g3+1/8 cup320 g3+2/8 cup
3 months323 g3+2/8 cup316 g3+2/8 cup309 g3+1/8 cup325 g3+2/8 cup340 g3+4/8 cup347 g3+4/8 cup355 g3+5/8 cup369 g3+6/8 cup384 g3+7/8 cup403 g4+1/8 cup421 g4+2/8 cup
4 months355 g3+5/8 cup354 g3+5/8 cup353 g3+5/8 cup370 g3+6/8 cup387 g3+7/8 cup396 g4 cup404 g4+1/8 cup419 g4+2/8 cup435 g4+3/8 cup451 g4+5/8 cup468 g4+6/8 cup
5 months394 g4 cup407 g4+1/8 cup418 g4+2/8 cup438 g4+4/8 cup459 g4+5/8 cup469 g4+6/8 cup479 g4+7/8 cup498 g5+1/8 cup518 g5+2/8 cup537 g5+4/8 cup556 g5+5/8 cup
6 months428 g4+3/8 cup451 g4+5/8 cup475 g4+7/8 cup499 g5+1/8 cup522 g5+2/8 cup534 g5+3/8 cup545 g5+4/8 cup567 g5+6/8 cup589 g6 cup611 g6+2/8 cup633 g6+3/8 cup
7 months445 g4+4/8 cup471 g4+6/8 cup498 g5 cup522 g5+2/8 cup546 g5+4/8 cup559 g5+5/8 cup570 g5+6/8 cup594 g6 cup617 g6+2/8 cup640 g6+4/8 cup663 g6+6/8 cup
8 months432 g4+3/8 cup457 g4+5/8 cup483 g4+7/8 cup507 g5+1/8 cup531 g5+3/8 cup543 g5+4/8 cup558 g5+5/8 cup581 g5+7/8 cup604 g6+1/8 cup663 g6+6/8 cup687 g7 cup
9 months419 g4+2/8 cup444 g4+4/8 cup469 g4+6/8 cup493 g5 cup516 g5+2/8 cup528 g5+3/8 cup544 g5+4/8 cup567 g5+6/8 cup590 g6 cup643 g6+4/8 cup668 g6+6/8 cup
10 months398 g4 cup421 g4+2/8 cup444 g4+4/8 cup467 g4+6/8 cup490 g5 cup502 g5+1/8 cup527 g5+3/8 cup549 g5+5/8 cup571 g5+6/8 cup626 g6+3/8 cup649 g6+5/8 cup
11 months367 g3+6/8 cup388 g4 cup408 g4+1/8 cup430 g4+3/8 cup451 g4+5/8 cup462 g4+6/8 cup500 g5+1/8 cup521 g5+2/8 cup543 g5+4/8 cup579 g5+7/8 cup601 g6+1/8 cup
12 months364 g3+6/8 cup385 g3+7/8 cup405 g4+1/8 cup427 g4+3/8 cup448 g4+4/8 cup458 g4+5/8 cup408 g4+6/8 cup488 g5 cup508 g5+1/8 cup528 g5+3/8 cup548 g5+5/8 cup
13 months362 g3+5/8 cup383 g3+7/8 cup404 g4+1/8 cup424 g4+3/8 cup445 g4+4/8 cup455 g4+5/8 cup465 g4+6/8 cup485 g4+7/8 cup505 g5+1/8 cup524 g5+3/8 cup544 g5+4/8 cup
14 months361 g3+5/8 cup382 g3+7/8 cup402 g4+1/8 cup422 g4+2/8 cup442 g4+4/8 cup452 g4+5/8 cup461 g4+5/8 cup480 g4+7/8 cup499 g5+1/8 cup519 g5+2/8 cup538 g5+4/8 cup
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