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Mini Adult

Mini Adult
Mini AdultMini Adult
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Main benefits

Maintains ideal weight

Helps maintain ideal weight in small breed dogs by perfectly meeting their high energy needs and promoting fat metabolism by L-carnitine.

Enhanced palatability

Satisfies the fussy appetite of small breed dogs by means of its formulation and a selection of exclusive flavourings.

Coat condition

This formula contains nutrients that help support a healthy skin and coat. Enriched with EPA-DHA.

Dental health

Helps reduce tartar formation thanks to the chelation agents in calcium.




Daily intake

Recommended daily quantities (g/day):
Water should be available at all times

Adult Weight2 kg3 kg4 kg5 kg6 kg7 kg8 kg9 kg10 kg
No exercise40 g4/8 cup55 g5/8 cup68 g6/8 cup80 g7/8 cup92 g1 cup103 g1+1/8 cup114 g1+2/8 cup125 g1+3/8 cup135 g1+4/8 cup
Exercise < 1 hr/day47 g4/8 cup63 g6/8 cup79 g7/8 cup93 g1 cup106 g1+1/8 cup119 g1+2/8 cup132 g1+4/8 cup144 g1+5/8 cup156 g1+6/8 cup
Exercise > 1 hr/day53 g5/8 cup72 g6/8 cup89 g1 cup105 g1+1/8 cup121 g1+3/8 cup136 g1+4/8 cup150 g1+5/8 cup164 g1+6/8 cup177 g2 cup
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