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Piccolo Chicken & Duck for Small Dogs

Piccolo Chicken & Duck for Small Dogs
Piccolo Chicken & Duck for Small DogsPiccolo Chicken & Duck for Small Dogs
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We use the finest natural ingredients for our Piccolo Chicken and Duck recipe. 75% Chicken and Duck provides the higher levels of protein that your small dog requires. All that meat makes it a delicious feast too, satisfying the fussiest of tastes!

Sweet potato provides slow release energy to keep their little legs going throughout the day, whilst a variety of vegetables, fruit and botanicals provide essential nutrients and vitamins to keep them in tip top condition.


The finest natural ingredients & delicious quality meat...

  • Grain Free with high meat content
  • Perfect small dog kibble shape with just the right crunch
  • 75% Chicken and Duck
  • Sweet Potato - One of the most nutritious vegetables and the perfect energy provider
  • Free from artificial colourings and flavourings
  • Proudly made in Great Britain


Feed with love

All dogs have different energy requirements, so please use the amounts below as a guide. If your dog looks underweight increase his food intake slightly or if he looks a bit overweight feed a little less. Always ensure there is clean drinking water available.

Piccolo can be introduced at weaning, mashed down with water.

Between 5 and 6 weeks slowly move them onto dry kibble.

Puppy Feeding Guide

Expected Adult Weight
1 - 5 kg
5 - 10 kg
2-3 MTHS 4-5 MTHS 6-7 MTHS 8-9 MTHS 10-11 MTHS 12-13 MTHS
60 80 90 80 60 ADULT
140 160 170 155 145 135

Adult Feeding Guide

Dog's Weight (Kg) 1 3 5 7 10
Daily Amount (g) 25-40 35-60 50-85 75-120 90-150

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